Who We Are



My name is David Pendergrass and I am the sole proprietor of this business. I make the products, run the events, post all the stuffs, and answer all the emails! I am assisted in life by my beautiful and amazing wife, and trust the Lord to send me in the right direction!

Now think back to even just a few years ago, taking care of your beard seemed an odd choice. Men simply didn't take care of their skin, or seek to really make sure they were putting their best face forward. Today, though, the options seem endless. From huge beard companies selling across the world, to big box retailers, to house hold names seeking to expand their brand, to small companies like this one... Where do you start? 

These four pillars are what makes The Blessed Beard stand apart! 


My faith in Christ is what spurs me onward, and to treat everyone with the dignity, respect, and honor they deserve. My beliefs push me to be the best I can be and deliver the best to you! The Blessed Beard is also a supporter of the Greenville ministry, Miracle Hill. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Miracle Hill adoption and foster care programs. 


The Blessed Beard was created out of a desire to use natural means to tackle dry skin issues. It grew into the business it is today thanks to friends, local businesses, and God’s blessings! My ingredients are 100% natural, staying away from any fragrance oils, parabens, sulfates, or anything else synthetic. 


When I make these aromatic concoctions, I choose to be different. Most companies out there make scents with 2-4 fragrances combined. Here at The Blessed Beard my blends can be anywhere between seven to twenty or more essential oils. And everything you smell is an all-natural essential oil, none of that chemical stuff! Choosing to make blends like this creates scents that are very robust; built similar to a cologne! You get harmonies: high, middle, and low notes in the scents! These blends will last all day long!


Whatever I can, I get local. All my labels, my stickers, my Greenville Grooming ingredients, beeswax, olive oil, shirts, engraving, and some upcoming products are sourced right here in Greenville SC! By purchasing my ingredients locally, I am able to give back to other local artisans! This drives forward my desire to be a force for the Kingdom in my community! For every purchase made, whether online or at a show, The Blessed Beard will donate a portion of the profit to local Greenville ministry Miracle Hill. Greenville is the city that helped grow this small business, and I want to help out as best that I can!