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SCENT PROFILE: Top notes of peppermint and fir. Middle notes of birch tar and eucalyptus. Base notes of tea tree and spruce, among other essential oils. 

PURCHASE OPTIONS: Wash and/or (seasonally) oil




The Blessed Beard has sought out other local makers to help infuse our business with only the best. Our full body wash is a culmination of that search. Containing castile soap, Himalayan salt, & essential oils (all locally sourced ingredients) as well as aloe vera gel, and a natural conditioner this wash will keep you clean without compromising quality. As we are an all natural company there are no chemicals, no sulfates, no parabens, no synthetics, and no fragrance oils.


The castile soap will gently clean and nourish the skin. It is perfect for men, women, and children – as it is chemical and synthetic fragrance free! The aloe vera adds extra moisture, and the natural conditioner helps to soften the hair and nourish the body! Himalayan salt is remarkably good for your body:

  • Balances pH
  • Detoxes skin
  • Helps reduce oily skin & hair
  • Fights acne
  • Fights dandruff
  • Adds texture
  • Exfoliates skin


A loofa is recommended when washing to effectively scrub off dead skin cells and daily grime – but simply squirt a quarter’s worth of wash onto your desired scrubbing apparatus and go to town cleaning! This wash can be used in your hair, on your face, and all the way down to your feet! The essential oils smell great and have been known to keep you smelling freshly showered all day!


100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you aren’t happy with your purchase, let us know and we WILL make it up to you!

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