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When approaching the idea of "men's grooming" we hear a lot of different responses. From "I wish I had the time" to "I wish HE would take the time!" Guys have just spent most of their lives NOT worrying about such things. Now, if you are anything like me, you want to look your best with as little amount of effort as humanly possible.

The Blessed Beard wanted to apply that same logic to the production, and use of our products. It is also why we want to provide you with something that will take care of your grooming needs from shower to bed, and everything in between. 

Here is all we want you to take away as the foundation of a man's healthy skin care routine.

Consistency & nourishment. 

  1. Consistency - in order to truly get your skin to a healthier state, your care "routine" can't be a once a week, when I think about it - and maybe not even then... sort of thing. If you want those patches of dry skin to disappear... or that flaky, itchy section of your beard to transform into a rugged manly exterior... you have to be consistent about using products. Whether an oil, a balm, or even the nourishing wash - using it daily will (over time) infuse your skin with necessary fatty amino acids and vitamins to take care of your most vital organ!
  2. Nourishment - The Blessed Beard uses over TWELVE distinct carrier oils in our base ingredient to give you the best feeling product, as well as the best results to take care of you. Whether using our oil or balm (on any facial hair type) you are infusing your skin with... :
  • fatty amino acids - an essential building block in healthy cell membranes; keep skin hydrated by helping produce a natural barrier
  • vitamin A - considered effective in treating/controlling acne ; stimulates collagen production
  • vitamin E - antioxidant, which helps your skin fight back against sun damage while preventing dryness
  • vitamin D - similar to vitamin E ; helps maintain skin tone, and may help fight psoriasis
  • vitamin F (linoleic acid) - provides anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, & healing support; helps fight acne ; softens skin
  • oleic acid - moisturizes the skin while boosting hair growth and preventing dry skin issues


The Blessed Beard seeks to provide only the best for you and your skin. Our products reflect that through research and careful experimentation to create those products you need. Check out our collection of quality oils & balms to take care of your skin today!

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