Cleaning your beard brush

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Over time your brush will absorb some of the scents that you use, and eventually will require cleaning. Cleaning is a rather simple process though!

            STEP 1: LOOSEN THE HAIRS – run a clean cotton swab between all the bristles on the brush to loosen up any hairs that have found themselves trapped after many uses. Our suggestion is to do this over a trash can to prevent leaving mess over your sink or floor.

            STEP 2: REMOVE THE HAIRS – using your fingers, the swab, or tweezers remove as much solid mess from your brush as you can. As you are cleaning your brush you may notice that some bristles are coming loose, and that is OK. Bristle type brushes will lose bristles as time passes!

            STEP 3: MILD WASH – this step is optional, but preferred, to retain longevity of the brush. As you use beard oils, your bristles can retain their properties which can draw some impurities to the brush. To keep your brush clean you can give it a mild wash/rinse. Fill a shallow container up with warm water and a small amount of The Blessed Beard full body wash. Using the brush, scrub up a small amount of suds in the dish to clean the bristles. When you feel like you have given it a nice clean, rinse the bristles off in warm water and leave it out to air dry overnight!

 Enjoy this little trick, and I will be seeing yall later!




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