Wholesale & Private Labeling

Currently you can buy The Blessed Beard in the following brick and mortar stores:


  1. Garner's Natural Life - Pleasantburg Store (Greenville, SC)
  2. Garner's Natural Life - Woodruff Store (Greenville, SC)


The Blessed Beard is always looking to expand our customer base by entering the retail space. Barber shops, salons, natural stores, cigar shops, wineries, distilleries, et al. We have no qualms with placing our product where the consumer demands! Wholesaling is something that we here know is a great way to reach out to the world!


Would you like to join the man and mane care game, but dont have the time to, or have other awesome skills that dont equate to amazing scents?? Let David, our founder and chief "scentologist" create a unique line for your business! We provide a number of product options to fix you up, just reach out!


Have a wedding coming up, and looking for an amazing, and unique groomsmen gift? Want to give your coworkers a special gift? The Blessed Beard can also provide small batches of custom orders for special events!


If interested in some wholesale or custom product, send an email to info@blessedbeard.com : inform us of your desire to join the team, provide us with some background on yourself, detail what you want The Blessed Beard to provide, and give us some time to get back with you!

Thank you for your inquiry!