Our Story

In February of 2016, as I was preparing for my daughter to be born, a thought popped into my head. A business was born!

For a couple of years now I have been using essential oils on myself, dealing with such things as dry skin or dandruff. My research in that area led me to develop my first beard oil. This started a number of months of creating, and using, my oils on my own face and head. As the idea developed I began to look outward for help.

Scouring the internet brought up scores of other beard businesses - and I wanted to join their ranks! I did my research, conducted my own experiments, and began developing what would become The Blessed Beard. 

I am a one man show here, but I want to be THE person you go to for your beard care needs! My background in retail management gives me an edge, and my desire to give the best customer service in the industry drives me to create the best product around. 

What makes The Blessed Beard different is my take on beard care aromatics. Where most companies out there focus on one to three scents to populate their blends I create a symphony of aromas for you to take in and dwell on. My conditioning oils nourish both the skin and beard hair, while providing an incredibly unique scent for you to enjoy for hours!

In addition to my unique blends, I am an outlier in the beard community. Where many companies wish to emphasize the "bad-ass-ness" of bearded brotherhood, I am on the side of chivalry and the gentleman. My personal beliefs spurn me to be the best I can be, and to care for those around me - encouraging them to be better. My desire is to bless those who come in contact with me, whether it is to purchase my product, or any other interaction. I want you to leave our time together built up. The bearded brotherhood should be "as iron sharpens iron" ; building one another up (Proverbs 27:17)!