Bare Bones oil

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Bare Bones oil

This blend is the perfect blend for those who don’t like fragrances, or have found themselves uncomfortable after using scented products. This is more common than you would expect, so we wanted to be sure to cater to those clients as well! Bare Bones combines avocado, sweet almond, sunflower, grapeseed, soybean, and a little castor oil. This blend provides the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids your skin and beard need without the added essential oil fragrances. It is a truly bare scent, but is not bare in providing your beard essential needs to keep it shiny, smooth, and itch-free!

Skin & Beard Conditioning
~ Oils & Balms ~

“Conditioning oils” is the phrase I use to describe my blends because the carrier oils chosen, and the quality of essential oils used, reflects a desire to bring nourishment and moisture to the face of every man they come in contact with. My carrier oil blend, and balm ingredients, have an abundance of Vitamins A, E, & D as well as fatty acids that give your skin a smooth, itch-free, feel! The oils are 100% natural, so your body craves these elements to achieve a more full face scarf. Beeswax is used to “seal in” the benefits through all natural means.

It is my experience to use the oils *at least* once a day, preferably after a shower or face wash. Personally I apply the oils twice a day - once in the morning, once before hitting the sack. I have used the same blend twice, and mixed it up! You want to start your day off with conditioning oils, though, because it starts the beard care early and gives your face what it needs as soon as possible! After applying oils, I use the beard balm. The evening routine is great to keep your beard, and face, moisturized all night long!

I apply the conditioning oils, and balm, all over my face. From my moustache, to my chin and cheeks, all the way up my sideburns. Because it is all natural, I put some excess in my hair, and on my skin to spread the aroma and nutrients everywhere!

Your face needs nutrients, and my conditioning products provide them! All day your face is hit by wind, particles, food, and other abrasive elements. It dries out. It gets beat up! The Blessed Beard’s products help to keep your face smooth, nourished, and itch-free! I recommend using a wooden comb, or boar’s hair brush to follow up application. The comb helps to evenly spread all the product to all your hair, as well as stimulate growth of your beard hair follicles. The brush does a great job of calming down bushy or curly beard hairs, and in the process of stimulation.

Three easy steps -
1) Get the product (balm or oil) in your hand. Use enough to comfortably cover your whole mane.
2) Apply the product to your face down to the root. Rub it in gently to get it down to the skin.
3) Comb the product through your beard! Spread it out, and style it!

It’s as simple as that. Use more balm for better hold, and remember it can be used as a kind of hair pomade, as well!