5-Grain For the Man's Mane balm

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5-Grain For the Man's Mane balm

In a desire to support local, to shop local, and to drink local... The Blessed Beard reached out to the legendary local distillery - Six&Twenty - for the opportunity to create beard care products utilizing the sweet, sweet bourbons they distilled!

The amazing Farmer Redmond, of Six&Twenty, was thrilled at the chance to extend the name of his business, and felt applying some local whiskey to the man's mane would only benefit it!

THUSLY the "5-Grain for the Man's Mane" was born! This blend combines the rich aroma of the 5-Grain bourbon Six&Twenty distills, with a sweet blend of essential oils ranging from the man-ssential sandalwood oil, to a hint of sweet wild orange - with a vanilla harmony to it! This symphony of scents is unparalleled and deserves a home on your shelf!

CAUTION: do NOT drink this concoction. No matter how delicious it may smell, this alcohol is NOT for consumption by anything other than a parched beard!

NOTE: be sure to shake well before use, as the alcohol has to be reminded to be friendly with the oils!

REMINDER: this product does best when combined with its partner in crime, the "5-Grain for the Man's Mane" beard balm! Pick some up at the same time for maximum efficiency on your beard!


DISCLAIMER: not everyone will achieve the same results from using The Blessed Beard beard care products. Your beard may not be as easily tamed as others! BUT I do offer custom orders that can be made to your satisfaction, so if you find yourself not COMPLETELY satisfied let us know! We want you to want to come back for more! Additionally, if you have any known allergies to scents or oils, please consult the section titled "100% Natural" to check for any potential issues.